Why We’re Famous

StoreHome1Come watch us cook our Homemade Salt Water Taffy in Depoe Bay, Oregon!

Perhaps, it all started as one of your first childhood memories. Your cold nose pressed eagerly against our front window, touched by the salt of the sea as you stood mesmerized. Not a single blink escaping your steady gaze while you watched our Homemade Salt Water Taffy pieces dive headlong into the waiting basket, your mouth watering with anticipation as the heady aroma of fresh peppermint taffy marked this as one of your first tangible memories of the Oregon Coast.

Or possibly you received a thoughtful gift you were not expecting from a close friend just when you needed it most. No matter how you first heard about Ainslee’s Homemade Salt Water Taffy. We want to thank you for your continued patronage as we mark the beginning of the second generation of providing you with our old fashioned homemade candies and personalized service that has kept our family of guests returning for nearly sixty years.

Our Reputation for the finest Homemade Salt Water Taffy on the Oregon Coast


We have earned our reputation of superior quality over the last half of a century for our chewy Homemade Salt Water Taffy kisses, signature buttery caramel corn, succulent peanut brittle and velvety homemade fudge. We use only top quality ingredients and time honored traditions to craft our homemade delicacies. There are no shortcuts, whenever possible we stick to natural ingredients and every single one of our base recipes is exactly the same as is was when we opened more than sixty years ago. Instead of adding preservatives to prolong the life of our products so that we can keep them on a shelf we create them on a demand basis so that we may provide the freshest possible product to you.

Whether you are a valued longtime repeat guest or a first timer referred by a trusted friend we welcome you to our family legacy and invite you to travel back to a time less complicated with us.