Giant gummy bear

Two pound giant homemade gummy bear! Write your desired flavor and color in the comments of your order.

We can do all of the flavors that we have for taffy except peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate or mint chip. If you want a flavor that we aren’t currently doing with taffy please reach out to us to see if we have that one available.

Some of our most popular gummy bear flavors are Cinnamon, watermelon, green apple, Marionberry and strawberry.

Some of our flavors not currently being used for taffy that we can do with bears are: black cherry, pina colada, bubblegum, toasted marshmallow, cheesecake, grape, butter, Kona coffee, pumpkin, key lime, jalapeño, coconut, maple and cranberry. (I don’t suggest all of these but they are options)


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