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Salt Water Taffy

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Salt Water Taffy

For the last 60 years, Ainslee's has been providing homemade salt water taffy kisses. Our signature recipe is best enjoyed at 72 to 80 degrees for maximum enjoyment. Choose your flavor or select a mixed box which includes a combination of all 32 of our flavors - all cuddled in our signature gift box.

Salt Water Taffy Price Per Pound: $10.99

Mixed Taffy at Ainslee's Online
Mixed Taffy
Banana at Ainslee's Online
Blackberry at Ainslee's Online
Blueberry at Ainslee's Online
Butter Cream at Ainslee's Online
Butter Cream
Butterscotch at Ainslee's Online
Cake Batter at Ainslee's Online
Cake Batter
Caramel at Ainslee's Online
Caramel Apple at Ainslee's Online
Caramel Apple
Cherry at Ainslee's Online
Chocolate at Ainslee's Online
Chocolate Chip Mint at Ainslee's Online
Chocolate Chip Mint

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