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Frequently Asked Questions
So many questions so little time... Here are a few of the questions that seem to come up repeatedly...
If we have missed anything please feel free to email us so that we can answer your question.

Will my personal information be safe if I share it with you?

As a family owned business we know our guests trust is of utmost importance. Therefore we want to assure you that any information you choose to share with us on our site will not be sold or shared with additional parties without your express permission.

How much is your local sales tax?
There is no sales tax in the state of Oregon so there will not be sales tax added to your order.
How do you ship my product?
Ainslee’s Homemade Salt Water Taffy is carefully packaged to ensure a secure arrival but please note that it is not recommended to ship our fudge into warm climates as it may melt in the package.
Please be sure to check delivery addresses carefully. We cannot extend our guarantee to orders for which we are given incomplete or incorrect addresses. Postal and delivery services will not forward the packages on without the correct address.

Please allow 2-3 days to process and ship orders. We will make every effort to expedite orders. We ship orders via USPS priority unless otherwise specified in your order form. See more on our shipping and handling page.

How can I recommend you to my friends and family?

As a family owned business we rely on word of mouth advertising to increase our sales so that we are able to provide you with the freshest possible product for the most reasonable price we can offer. As you can imagine, the busier we are, the more reasonably priced candies we can offer to you so please spread the word and help us stay around for yet another generation of quality candy making. You can also fill out the "Recommend Us" form on our website.

What kind of ingredients do you use? How will I know if something is contained within the product?
Wherever we can we make sure to use all natural ingredients in our products. This means no artificial preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of your candy and therefore a more natural product for your body.
Although we employ careful sanitation procedures in our cooking process it is important that you know that there is a chance of allergens being introduced into your product so please be cautious if you have a severe allergy. For example we make the peanut butter filled taffy on the same machine as all the rest of the taffy and there is no way to ensure that we have safely eliminated 100% of the peanut contamination before starting the next batch. If you have a specific allergy concern please feel free to email us with questions.
What is the best way to store my taffy?
Ainslee's salt water taffy is made on demand; therefore we can always provide you with a fresh product! They do not contain preservatives; therefore, temperature greatly affects the taffy's chewiness. To ensure a chewy consistency, keep taffy in a warm (75 - 80F) environment. To store taffy longer than two weeks, wrap in plastic and freeze for up to 4 months. (Please do make sure to thaw out before eating and only take out what you wish to eat right then)
What is the best way to store my Caramel Corn?
The enemy to freshness here is air and heat. We ship it in a plastic bag to ensure the least amount of air gets to the product. If you would like to keep it longer than a week (after you receive it) you will want to get as much air out of the bag as possible and store it either in Tupperware, or a ziplock bag for maximum freshness.
What is the best way to store my Fudge?
Fudge will stay fresh for approximately ten days if properly wrapped in plastic wrap or Tupperware. Refrigerating your fudge will dry it out so try to keep it at room temperature. If you would like to keep your fudge for longer than ten days you will need to properly protect it by wrapping it in plastic wrap and then slipping it into a freezer safe bag to store in the freezer. It will keep well in the freezer for up to three months.
Do you partner for fundraising?
Actually we do. We have several different programs to help you raise money for your cause. Please email or contact our store for specific questions.
Do you provide a military discount?

15% Discount of homemade salt water taffy to all active duty military personnel with valid military id. Although you would need to present the ID in store to receive the discount we also offer it on mail orders placed to APO addresses in order to encourage you to send goodies to the men and women that are protecting our country. In order to receive the discount on a web orders please send your order by email or snail mail so that we may apply your discount to the final purchase price.

Do you offer Bulk and/or Corporate Discounts

We do offer discounts on large orders but please be aware that we will need adequate notice to fulfill larger than typical orders. The timeframe necessary is dependant upon the size of the order.

  • 50   lbs. or more — 5% discount
  • 100 lbs. or more — 10% discount
  • 150 lbs. or more — 15% discount
  • 200 lbs. or more — 20% discount

Can I get my candy customized? You used to have a certain flavor, can I still buy that flavor?

If you are willing to buy the entire batch we can customize the taffy color of virtually any of our flavors for you. We also have discontinued flavors that we can craft for you if you do not see them on our web site so please do not hesitate to ask. Additionally, sometimes we have recipes for things we do not carry (such as Amaretto fudge, licorice caramel corn or almond brittle) that we can make upon request but please keep in mind that there is a necessary minimum order, contact us to find out more.
Do you have a taffy of the month program?
Yes, actually we send the recipient a different flavor of taffy every single month. You can choose a three, six month or year long program and either go with the default flavor of the month, mixed or create your own combination for each month. Go to our "Taffy of the month" page on our website to learn more.
How do I apply for a job at your store?

What could be better than working for a candy store? If you would like to apply for a position with our company please stop by our store for an application. Although we are not always hiring we are always accepting applications. We tend to hire from applications we already have so if you would like to join us it’s very helpful to already have an application on file. Contact us, we would love to hear from you!


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