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Salt Water Taffy at Ainslee's Online
Salt Water Taffy
Caramel Corn at Ainslee's Online
Caramel Corn
Fudge at Ainslee's Online
Peanut Brittle at Ainslee's Online
Peanut Brittle
Chocolates and Sweets at Ainslee's Online
Chocolates and Sweets
Caramel Apples (local delivery only) at Ainslee's Online
Caramel Apples (local delivery only)
Tuxedo Strawberries (local delivery only) at Ainslee's Online
Tuxedo Strawberries (local delivery only)
Giant gummy bears at Ainslee's Online
Giant gummy bears
Dog Bones  at Ainslee's Online
Dog Bones
Naturally Great

We still use the same old fashioned recipe that we started with 60 years ago. All of the base ingredients are completely natural and contain no preservatives.


All of our candies are made only using the finest, freshest ingredients without preservatives. Please see the tips in our FAQ’s for the most effective way to store your candy.

Ingredients/Allergy Alerts

Wherever we can we make sure to use all natural ingredients in our products. This means no artificial preservatives to lengthen the shelf life of your candy and therefore a more natural product for your body.

Although we employ careful sanitation procedures in our cooking process it is important that you know that there is a chance of allergens being introduced into your product so please be cautious if you have a severe allergy. For example we make the peanut butter filled taffy on the same machine as all the rest of the taffy and there is no way to ensure that we have safely eliminated 100% of the peanut contamination before starting the next batch. If you have a specific allergy concern please feel free to email us with questions.

Sales Tax

There is no sales tax in the state of Oregon.


Ainslee’s Homemade Salt Water Taffy is carefully packaged to ensure a secure arrival but please note that it is not recommended to ship our fudge into warm climates as it may melt in the package.

Please be sure to check delivery addresses carefully. We cannot extend our guarantee to orders for which we are given incomplete or incorrect addresses. Postal and delivery services will not forward the packages on without the correct address.

Please allow 2-3 days to process and ship orders. We will make every effort to expedite orders. We ship orders via USPS Priority, unless otherwise specified in your order form.

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